Boho chic clothing store in Ibiza


Boho chic clothing store in Ibiza; boho, romantic, feminine and mediterranean clothing store style …

This is the trece Ibiza shop.

Today, finally, after a long time, we have decided to resume the blog. In this “first” entry we want to show you the first trecestyle store in Ibiza,  in the port of Santa Eulalia.

We opened this store in March 2015. This is the view from the front door 🙂 🙂


marina santa Eulalia


It is a small store located in the Marina of Santa Eulalia; It is small, but there is a large terrace, and a large square (where we live with two other fantastic stores) where to display all our products.

It’s beautiful on the outside … And on the inside! 🙂 These are some details of the store during the first season …

varias fotos



This boutique was born as the consequence of the realization of a dream, of the passion for fashion.

This store is dedicated to those girls who look for something different, girls who look for that special garment that defines the look.

Every year new ideas arise to improve trecestyle, both the decoration of the store and the quality and style of the garments.

These are some details of the fourth season !!! Already 4 years in Ibiza


tienda de ropa boho chic en ibiza

Boho chic clothing store in Ibiza


We have traveled the world looking for, and we continue, garments that carry the essence of thirteen style; very feminine dresses, turquoise colors, floral prints, cowboy boots, sandals, gypsies skirts …

All this creates a boho atmosphere, an environment of beauty and freedom that accompanies the feminine spirit.

We try to contribute to that free spirit that emerges when we are on vacation, that feeling of joy, of illusion, of positive thinking and of enjoying every moment. We want that feeling to continue with you in the trecestyle garment wherever you go.

Here we show you some looks that you can see in trecestyle …