The dresses are for summer


We all have in mind that dress with which we spent that special summer. Along with the beach, swimming pool and spending a lot of time outdoors one of the best things about the Summer are the dresses !!!

The dresses are comfortable, fresh, feminine and have that touch between careless and studied that we like so much.

They serve for the day, the night, the beach bar, the beachclub, and the after party.

In trecestyle we love them 🙂 🙂 Today we are going to show you some of the ones we like the most ..


The first dress that we want to present to you is the Cuba tiedye dress.

Long rayon dress, tieye print, boat neckline with lace and sleeveless. It is very fresh, comfortable and has the boho touch that we like so much in thirteen style.

Perfect for your outings on summer nights.

cuba dress

The second dress is the Monica dress

Long dress with ethnic print with red tones, v-neck and golden detail at the neckline and short wide sleeve.

Monica dress

The third dress that we want to present to you is the vihalah dress

Vestidazo of thirteen red color and straight cut with ruffles in the sleeves super elegant ideal for this summer both for summer walks and to go to the office to work with a very different touch!

vihalah dress

And the fourth and last dress, for today, is the Candy dress

Short asymmetrical neckline dress, asymmetric shoulder, one sleeveless shoulder and long sleeves on the other shoulder. Ruffles on one shoulder and chest. Detail lace on the ruffles.

Straight cut.

candy dress